Sponsorwalk Stage 1

We, Marie-Claire and Monique, are going to walk the Hilligenpad route (105 KM) in 5 stages starting June 11, 2022.



The first stage is Hof Espelo – Oldenzaal (20 km):

during this stage we walk through a hilly terrain and we pass,

among other things, the Hilligen Huesken, a monastery path and a Maria chapel.

The stage ends in the atmospheric center of Oldenzaal, at the Plechelmus basilica.



We do this to raise money for our foundation that is committed to the rare Christianson Syndrome.
CS (abbreviated) is a rare genetic neurological disorder with epilepsy and multiple disabilities.
There is still a lot of (scientific) research to be done on cause and treatment.
Two of Monique’s children have this condition.

Do you give us a warm heart through a donation to equity??
Any support is welcome via our iDeal or Paypal QR code or our website cs-europe.org/donate

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