CS-EUROPE Conference June 14-16, 2019



Welcome to the

Christianson Syndrome Europe website

Our Mission :
To advance the awareness and treatment of Christianson Syndrome through education and information, research, advocacy and support for individuals with Christianson Syndrome, their families, and other concerned parties.


Why was CS-Europe created?

Christianson Syndrome Europe is a non-profit organization founded by Monique & John Snijder in September 2017 in honor of their sons, Maurice & Vincent. Maurice & Vincent were diagnosed with Christianson Syndrome in April 2012.


After searching the internet, we found the Christianson Syndrome Association and the Facebook-Group. In 2013 we were invited to attend the

“Inaugural Christianson Syndrome Association conference: families meeting for the first time” in Rhode Island, Providence, USA. It instantly felt like coming home.



There were two more conferences after that:


2015 : CSA Summer Conference 2015, The Woodlands, Texas, USA




2017 : CSA Stronger Together 2017, Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Because we felt so closely connected after 2013, we ofcourse visited the 2015 and 2017 conference also. The family-feelings and experiences we had in North-America, we want to bring to Europe and THAT is why we created CS-EUROPE.