Hi, I’m Maurice and the big brother of Vincent. We live in the Netherlands.I don’t like snow, rain, hail, wind and temperatures below 15 degrees celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) . They always want to play and walk outside when it’s cold. (at the carefarm the Korenschoof). As soon as I see my jacket, i will start whining. I’m a man and i’m not afraid to admit it, i’m just a whimp.  Now I have said this, I can tell you about the things I do like. I like food and drinks, I can spot those from a mile away and I’m not afraid to step up and reach for your food on your plate, I also eat almost any food. (Easy for Mom). Just like my brother, i like milk too and preferably directly from the farmer. In addition, I also like raspberries and blackberries. They are delicious. Strings and cords are my favourit to play with, in the meantime i can practice my fine motor skills (also fidgeting with my fingers). I also like to sit on your lap and cuddle all the time. Maybe number 1 favorite, neh just kidding. Food on the number 1 position. And i grap everything within my reach. I’m not particular fan of big animals but i do like Ari Nash, a labradoodle. My favourite sport is swimming and taking long baths. Sleeping in is also one of my favourites things to do.


Hi my name is Vincent. I live in Ootmarsum, the Netherlands with my Mom, Dad and big brother Maurice. Maurice is also a CS kid. During the week I’m going to a care farm. “School” and taking care of animals combined. I love swimming and horseback riding and I’m always on the move, exploring, getting myself into trouble. Sometimes I’m not a good eater, I’m not so crazy about pasta but I love potatoes, meat and I love milk. Especially milk directly from the farmer. I’m very particular in the way I eat my food and drink my milk. It have to be in a certain order. If the Mom and Dad doesn’t get it right order than I will let them know by putting my lips firmly together. Yeah, I’ve trained my Mom and Dad well. When our caretaker starts playing the saxophone, I start singing and I’m pretty good at it ;-). I also like the drums and the bass guitar. Yep I can move rhythmically to music as well. I also like playing with the Ipad, most of the time hitting on it. No water damage yet and the Ipad is still alive. Furthermore, I am always cheerful and always in a good mood


My name is Peyton McMahon, I am six years old, I live with my Mom, Dad and sister in Cohutta, Georgia (about 15 miles from Chattanooga Tennessee). I was diagnosed with Christianson Syndrome in October of 2016. I have all of the typical symptoms such as life threatening seizures, unsteady gait, developmental delays, happy disposition and I am non-verbal. A few of my favorite things are: I love to play and be outdoors, I am extremely fascinated with water, I love to play with wheels and I love music, I enjoy to be close to people and cuddle, that is when you can catch me! I am a very high-energy guy, always on the go! This year I began Kindergarten and I am enjoying being at school, my Mom is the school nurse at my school, so she gets to check on me all day. My parents are currently building me a Peyton friendly home, where they hope to set up a small farm with miniature donkeys, chickens and hopefully a horse/dog (great dane) for me to play with, I am really looking forward to it!


My name is Wyatt Brewster. Everyone calls me “WyWy.” I was diagnosed with Christianson Syndrome right before my 2nd birthday. I am a very picky eater, only eating Gerber’s oatmeal and Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and some snacks, such as goldfish crackers and bananas. I am very hyperactive and LOVE to laugh! My favorite place to be is outside, especially if I can play with water or go on a 4 -wheeler ride with my Daddy!I have a younger sister who is typically developing. She plays with me all the time and she is my best friend, always teaching me new things and pushing me to learn!I just recently started signing “more” and can make sounds to indicate “more,” “bite,” and “bath.” My parents are very proud of me! I can walk, climb stairs, and climb hills! This is a big improvement, because I couldn’t sit up until I was over a year old. I am a very hard worker in therapy and I make big strides every single day. To me and my family, the diagnosis of Christianson Syndrome is just a great way to bring us together with others who understand us. It is never a barrier on my accomplishments. Without our CSA family, we never would’ve had the support we’ve needed to make changes and press on to reach the goals I’ve already reached!


Hi I’m Ty! I am 16 years old and go to Olathe East High School in Olathe KS, USA. I live with my Mom, Dad and younger brother Ethan. At school I am in a classroom with 8 other kids. I have lots of different therapies I go to. Music, Speech, OT and PT. I work really hard during therapy time and on my classroom. My favorite part of my school day is walking around the school, riding my bike and going to orchestra class to listen to the other High School kids. At home I LOVE watching Barney movies, eating, walking to my Grammie’s house and running in the back yard. I love my CS family and can’t wait to see everyone again!!

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