CBF quality mark

Christianson Syndrome Europe values ​​professionalism, transparency and good governance. Christianson Syndrome Europe is therefore broadly structured according to the criteria of the Central Fundraising Office (CBF). Yet we do not have a CBF seal of approval. This is a conscious choice. We spend every cent we receive from donors on research, information and fellow sufferers’ days. It is one of our fundamental principles. Although we fully agree with the idea of ​​reliability behind this quality mark, participation would conflict with that. We keep our promises to donors and there is no one-off expenditure on the quality mark and an annual contribution that depends on the benefits.

Christianson Syndrome Europe, however, endorses the reliability concept of the CBF quality mark (www.cbf.nl). It sets criteria for the structure of Governance, Policy, Fundraising, Information and Communication, Use of resources and Accountability.

Christianson Syndrome Europe is basically set up according to the criteria of the CBF.